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Rational to face the financial crisis
2011/12/26 1:33:15
Facing the coming economic crisis, how should we face? I think here today in the second half of the year, the problem that everybody is thinking, whether it is business or employees, whether the government or people. This economic crisis, we can simply can be used in one hundred years to describe. For a time, newspapers, radio, television news and so on each media attention, various reports continued, positive or negative, many people may say is heavy-hearted. The enterprise concerned about the implications of their own sales, ultimately affect the business performance of enterprises. Employees worry about layoffs, people worry that their students will suffer an influence to wait a moment, everyone is talking about the financial crisis for the color.
In the face of financial crisis, the majority of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises should practice" exercise to benefit the internal organs", change the labor intensive, low value-added products production mode, to enhance the enterprise technology research and development strength, to produce high-tech products, this is the best choice to deal with the crisis. For small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, changes are equally important. For in this crisis the majority of small and medium manufacturing enterprises, blindly copy, imitation products, can only be "to quench a thirst with poison". Enterprises should conscientiously strengthen its own technical research and development strength, to the " original" for enterprise development the important principle, it is possible in the financial crisis contrarian growth, obtain the ultimate success. Therefore, the majority of small and medium manufacturing industry, must transform as soon as possible" short-sighted " mode of operation, enterprises set up a long-term development goals, and unremittingly to continue. The real technology, the strength of the enterprise, the financial crisis may just as the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, for enterprises to create a new world.
As an employee, in the financial crisis this macro environment, the first is to first put their job. Try not to talk about things that pessimism, positively facing life and work. Facing the financial crisis, and strive to do their work, the best way is to keep the common heart, do the right thing, do a good job. In the context of the financial crisis, as an employee, then more diligent to recharge themselves, develop their own professional ability, improve their work skills. Only in this way can we still feel at ease in his work.
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