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Silver Star Industrial Park in the Hi-tech Zone
2011/12/26 1:33:48
The reporter learned from Tianjin High-Tech Development Zone, Shenzhen City Silver Star (Group ) investment company recently signed an agreement with new and high area, in the construction of new and high area Silver Star Industrial Park project.
According to the two sides signed the agreement, Shenzhen City Silver Star (Group ) investment limited liability company in Tianjin coastal zone the construction of Silver Star Industrial Park project. The project covers an area of 200 mu, plans a total investment of 800000000 yuan, construction period is three years, divided into " a base eight security center".
At present the company has completed the" excellence in Tianjin sunshine electricity science and technology limited company" registration procedures. Its core base for excellence in Tianjin electric sun headquarters of science and technology development bases, mainly responsible for the LED chip R & D and production, quality inspection and sales operation.
Eight security center are respectively the LED photoelectric, lighting products research and development centers, production of optoelectronic products center, product sales channels operating center, city lighting planning and design center, LED multimedia application center, photoelectric science and Technology Industrial Park Administration Center, photoelectric technology industry park training center and staff residential living security center.
According to introduction, the project is completed, the LED industry after three years of sales revenue will exceed 5000000000 yuan, the introduction of at least 5 to 10 related optoelectronic enterprise, breed production value exceeds 1000000000 yuan enterprise 3, and in the formation of more than 5 enterprises and 5 to 10 kinds of products. ( reporter Zhou Runjian)
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