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Stone machinery industry brand upgrade
2011/12/26 1:34:13
With the mining depth increasing difficulty, from land to ocean extending, resource exploitation condition worsening the situation is serious with each passing day, safety mining. Stone machinery manufacturing company to constant innovation, continuous introduction of new products keeping up with current international stone industry development.
At present, China stone machinery manufacturing industry already formed dimensions to change development, various multi-purpose large series of stone machinery also emerge as the times require. The personage inside course of study points out, along with the continuous development of the market of stone, stone machinery manufacturing enterprises need to innovate, in order to better participate in international stone industry market competition.
Of course, the stones of our equipment manufacturing industry is facing some difficulties and pressure, but also should see at home, international market is broad, contain is worn tremendous development opportunity, as long as we adhere to the scientific outlook on development, do a good job in industry and product structure adjustment, focus on the use of national policy actively adjust the industrial structure and the marketing mode.
China is a relative shortage of resources state so the stone mining machinery is required more and more strictly so, in international, home market to create their own brands, will innovate again brilliant.
We want according to stone products industry towards art, high quality, diversified development, market of stone products shape, type, size and product accuracy of the increasingly high demand, demand is bigger and bigger, thus to stone machinery manufacturing level and product types and put forward more and more high performance requirements, whether the face the domestic market or international market, improve the stone machinery products manufacturing level and core competition ability is our country all stone machinery manufacturing enterprises to solve the problem.
In conclusion, stone machinery industry upgrade the brand, innovation, can not be ignored.
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